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Radon Testing In The UK

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that comes from the ground and can enter properties. Long term exposure to high levels of radon can lead to lung cancer, and it is responsible for over 1,100 lung cancer deaths in the UK every year. [Source: Public Health England]

Order a 3 Month Radon Test Kit

3 Month Radon Test Kit

Order a 10 Day Radon Test Kit

10 Day Radon Test Kit

The only way to know if a building is in a radon affected area is to carry out a radon test using a special detector and radon test kit. PropertECO can supply inexpensive radon level detectors for home and workplace use that are analysed at an independent laboratory.

This level of radon testing is vitally important to the health and wellbeing of all individuals who occupy the property as it can highlight potentially dangerous levels of this harmful gas enabling further action to then be taken to reduce the risks.

Visit to order radon test kits online.

How to Test For Radon

Check out our short video which shows you how easy it is to carry out a radon test.

So you have recognised the dangers posed by radon gas and you know how important testing is but how does radon testing work? You simply order a testing kit online or calling a radon expert.

Once you purchased a kit then these will be sent over to containing two radon detectors and instructions. You should place the one detector in the living room and one in the bedroom.

Leave the detectors in the property for either for 10 days or 3 months, depending on which one you have purchased, then return them to PropertECO.

Once returned, the results will be analysed in a laboratory and within 10 days you will receive an email report containing the results and any advice as to whether any remediation works will need to be carried out.

Can You Buy A Free Radon Test Kit?

Radon test kits are not sold free of charge. In the past, some companies have given away radon detectors for free but this no longer occurs. However, at PropertECO, you can purchase both 10 day or 3 month test kits on our Radon Shop, with a 15% discount using the code “SAVE15“.



Passive Radon Detectors

We supply packs of 3-month detectors and 10-day screening detectors, which are useful if you are buying or selling a property.

For a standard house, a kit of two detectors will be required so that one detector can be placed in a ground floor living room and one in a first floor bedroom. To read more about our radon test kits or to place an order, visit

Digital Radon Monitors

PropertECO are official UK stockists of the Canary Digital Radon Monitor, a battery-operated constant read radon monitor that gives you both long term and short term measurements of radon levels.

We can also offer sophisticated electronic radon monitoring equipment for professionals, including the RadStar RS800i, the RadStar GM1-2 and the Canary Pro.

Read more about our range of digital radon monitors and order online at

Workplace Radon Testing

Under health and safety legislation, a radon risk assessment should be carried out for every workplace. This risk assessment should include radon testing if the workplace premises are located in an 'affected area' or if the building has a basement. More information about employers' responsibilities to manage radon in the workplace can be found in our Guide for Employers.The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) website also gives details on the legal duties employers have regarding employees' exposure to radon.

PropertECO – Radon Test Specialists

Interpreting Radon Test Results

If high levels of radon are detected, propertECO will need to carry out a radon survey. The radon specialist will then design and install positive pressure ventilation and radon sump systems to lower the concentration and prevent future infiltration of the gas.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of radon mitigation, our radon sumps and mitigation systems are designed on an individual basis depending on the size and layout of the property and the level of radon present.

For more information on our mitigation services, please visit our Radon Mitigation page or contact us to arrange a survey.

UK Radon Map

UK Radon Map


The radon map of the UK highlights the areas of the country where it has been predicted that high radon levels are most likely to be found. You can read more about the UK Radon Map by clicking on the map to the left and a detailed version can be downloaded from the Public Health England (PHE) website.

This resource is based on estimates and data extrapolation, so we recommend that the best course of action is to use a radon detector kit to carry out an accurate assessment of radon levels in the air within your home or workplace.

Buy a UK Radon Testing Kit Today

Buy a radon test kit online or for free advice please contact one of our experts with our radon test specialists at PropertECO and we will provide all the information you need regarding the problems you are having with radon.

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Radon kills, let us assess your requirements and propose a testing and mitigation solution - speak to our radon specialists today.

How Does Radon Affect Me?

Radon affects domestic and commercial properties in various ways and can ultimately result in death. Here at Properteco, we can advise, test and mitigate the risks.

Request Your Test Kit

With an independent lab, we will test the radon levels in your property and our experts will report back. If we detect radon, we will also advise how we can help.


The UK Government has made it clear that it wants us to return to work. We are open for business for our full range of services. These include surveys and work in relation to all things radon – our lab is fully open and we are able to send out test detectors, carry out mitigation surveys and carry out work.