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PropertECO specialises in reducing harmful levels of radon gas in buildings.

As a provider of radon test kits and designer/installer of radon mitigation systems, the team at PropertECO are able to advise on all aspects of indoor radon exposure within residential and commercial properties.

With over 25 years’ of technical knowledge and practical experience in the field of radon, PropertECO are at the forefront of the UK radon industry.

In recent years there have been significant technological advances both in methods for testing and remediating high levels of radon. PropertECO constantly searches out such innovations from around the world and has been responsible for bringing several new techniques to the UK.

Every radon remediation system design is tailored to suit each individual building and PropertECO have successfully remediated buildings of all types and sizes. Our clients include private homeowners, Local Authorities, high street retailers and financial institutions and multinational corporations.

PropertECO are founder members of both the UK Radon Association and the European Radon Association.

UK Radon AssociationEuropean Radon Association

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Meet the Team

Charles Edwards


Charles-EdwardsCharles has over 20 years of experience in indoor air quality and ensuring safe and comfortable living within properties. He started his career in the preservation of property which led to below ground waterproofing and indoor air quality which includes Radon Gas safety, testing and mitigation. More recently he has directed his time to advising and mitigating against high levels of radon within properties to include residential, commercial, government, schools, offices and new build.

During his career he has advised property owners on issues relating to ground gas and the challenges this brings with it and it’s effects on health and in particular, safe and effective mitigation.

Charles is proud of his achievements in being a Waterproofing Design Specialist and Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing.  He promotes the proven and patented RadVantage Radon and Waterproofing protection system and his waterproofing designs consider and where necessary incorporate air and radon control.

Charles is Owner and Managing Director of PropertECO and thrives on advising clients and surveying their properties to find the best and most accurate radon mitigation system for the property and environment concerned.  Basing his designs on many factors including practicality of installation, together with the becquerel levels experienced, he prides himself on his success rate for bringing radon levels down well below client expectations.

Rebecca Coates

Rebecca co-founded PropertECO alongside Martin Freeman in 2011 having identified a need in the UK marketplace for a specialist radon services firm.

With a First Class Honours degree in BSc. Business Administration from the internationally recognised University of Bath School of Management, Rebecca has spent over a decade immersed in the field of radon, identifying ways to increase awareness and reduce radon-induced lung cancer in the UK.

Rebecca specialises in risk communication and has become one of the UK’s leading educators on the subject of radon. She delivers technical CPD seminars for members of RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors), RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building), BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management) and ABE (Association of Building Engineers) as well as providing in-house training for private practices. Rebecca identifies the most appropriate channels for communicating with different sectors, and is a keen advocate of social media. She was invited to speak at the 2014 International Radon Symposium in the USA to share her experience of risk communication, and has published papers on the subject.

Rebecca is Head of Radon Projects and specialists in advising and designing complex nationwide testing programmers across large property portfolios.

Rebecca was Chairman of the UK Radon Association until 2022 and sits on the Executive Committee of the European Radon Association, where she advises on marketing and outreach policies to improve awareness of radon internationally.

Sharna Edwards

Sharna is Company Secretary and Finance Director and with a background in taxation and finance she ensures the smooth running of the business and its compliance.   Apart from ensuring bills are paid – to and from PropertEco – Sharna also handles the online sales, and administration within the business together with the compliance requirements, quality control of testing and customer results.     Providing excellent customer service is paramount and she is passionate about PropertEco.

India Edwards

India assists in the administration within the business including the processing of the results generated from the laboratory.  Whilst working part time for PropertECO she is an under graduate at University.

Ross Allan

Ross decided to take early retirement following an active carrier in property preservation as a Sales Director and Business Developer.

Since putting his feet up for a short while he joined PropertECO to facilitate radon testing within customer properties across England, Scotland and Wales.  Ross’s background in Quantity Surveying ensures he takes a pragmatic approach in planning locations for testing.

Freddie Gray

Freddie has worked for PropertECO in a part time capacity since 2019.  His role includes travel across England and Scotland to correctly place and collect radon gas detectors from customer’s properties and to safely deliver these to the laboratory for testing.

Freddie splits his time between further education study and his passion for Rugby.

Rollo Edwards

Rollo is the youngest member of the team and his primary role is maintaining our stock control and handling the despatch to customers for our radon fan equipment.   Rollo is learning the testing side of the business and is increasingly placing and collecting detectors.

Martin Freeman

Martin, who sadly passed away recently was co-founder of PropertECO in 2011 and a pioneer in the UK radon field for over 30 years. He was the Chairman of the UK Radon Association for several years and sat on the Executive Committee of the European Radon Association. Martin’s practical experience in the design and implementation of radon remediation systems was unrivalled and succesfully reduced high concentrations of radon in many complex buildings.

With a strong personal interest in reducing radon-induced lung cancer, Martin fought for many years for the hazard to received more attention amongst the Government, building professionals and the general public.

Martin regularly represented the UK at international conferences and workshops, where he presented a number of papers, and was involved in policy consultations with some of the world’s leading specialists in the field. He was a regular CPD speaker for professional bodies including RICS and RIBA.

Prior to co-founding PropertECO, Martin worked in senior management roles at several regional and national contracting firms and owned a laboratory consultancy specialising in the resolution of disputes involving bio-deterioration of timber and causes of dampness in buildings. He was involved in the innovation of numerous property preservation techniques including the development of water-based wood preservatives and the development of a system to overcome the conflict between basement waterproofing and radon management.

Martin had an international client base who called on his expertise for a wide range of property preservation issues, and offered a consultancy service to those seeking an accurate diagnosis of the root cause of an issue.

Martin will be sadly missed within the industry.

Find out about Martin’s story by clicking here.


How does Radon affect me?

Radon affects domestic and commercial properties in various ways and can ultimately result in death. Here at Properteco, we can advise, test and mitigate the risks.

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