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Radon Awareness Week 2016 Gets Underway

7 November 2016


 November 7, 2016

UK Radon Awareness Week 2016 begins on Monday 7th November, coinciding with European Radon Day.

Throughout the week, propertECO will be sharing information to increase awareness and understanding of radon gas, the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Responsible for around 2000 deaths in the UK every year, radon can be found in buildings across the country without the occupants being aware.

Look out for posts covering the different types of radon test kits available, methods of reducing radon in buildings and what to do when radon becomes an issue in your property search.

Follow us on Twitter where we’ll also be sharing videos from around the world highlighting the impact radon exposure can have on families, such as the one below.

We hope that by helping to promote awareness of this naturally occurring carcinogen lives can be saved.