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Damp Proofing

Rising damp can occur in properties of all ages, types and sizes and is usually indicative of the failure of the original damp proof course that was installed. At PropertECO we are well aware that rising damp is often misdiagnosed by others, either unintentionally by an inexperienced surveyor or intentionally by a rogue trader. Our fully trained surveyors have been involved in the field for many years and will only ever specify that a new DPC is required when it really is – even if that means no work for us!

Where a new damp proof course is recommended, our experienced tradesmen will carry out the works with minimum upheaval to the occupants and of course, will always leave your property clean and tidy.

If our survey establishes another cause of dampness (e.g. penetrating damp or condensation) we are able to advise on other corrective measures that can be taken, for example repointing, fixing defective guttering or installing a positive pressure unit.

Rising Damp