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Prolong the life of your property and save money by implementing sustainable maintenance services from PropertECO. Whether you are a property manager, homeowner or developer we can help to bring down running & maintenance costs and reduce your carbon footprint whilst ensuring a healthy internal environment and enhancing the lifespan & value of your home or commercial properties.

We specialise in providing a complete range of services to aid sustainability including Carbon reduction, Radon Gas control, basement waterproofing, damp proofing, timber preservation and much more.

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PropertECO can work with your business to supply recommendations for improving the condition and environmental performance of your building. We have experience in dealing with projects of all sizes, working across many property sectors ranging from domestic housing through to nationwide corporate chains.

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We are a business that cares about what we do. Our passion is to minimise the effect our properties have on the environment without compromising on comfort, style or performance. By making buildings more efficient, we can also help you to save money.

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